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Thanks to years of experience in different segments of the market (tour operator “Ukrtechintour” (UTI Travel&Education) – 20 years of work, glossy magazine Travel News – 16 years), the company is proud to offer comprehensive advertising services necessary for leading players of business.


Founder and general director of the company - Oleg Volkov – is the winner of the national contest “Favorite of Olymp” in nomination “Leader of the Year”.


Among large-scale projects of the company a "COUNTRY TODAY" should be emphasized – a series of special events on Ukrainian market of services. Each of these events is aimed at realizing the potential of a particular country and the strengthening of the bilateral relations of the Ukrainian and foreign partners in the cultural and tourism sectors. These activities are implemented through a partnership project of Media Travel World with respective departments of foreign embassies and special institutions responsible for cooperation in the cultural sphere. As part of the events cognitive seminars, presentations and fruitful workshops are held. Main purpose of these activities is to reveal the possibilities and prospects of the country considering current conditions of the tourism market. We will be glad to see you among the participants and partners of «COUNTRY TODAY»!










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Honeymoon Fest/Workshop 2014 состоялся!
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8 сентября 2014 г. двери Ballroom отеля Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv 5* вновь открылись для всех, кому интересны свадьбы за рубежом и романтические путешествия, а именно - представителей лучших отелей мира, участников украинского свадебного рынка и молодоженов.

Уже в третий раз на лучшей площадке Киева собрались представители лучших DMC, свадебных агентств и отелей мира. Италию представили роскошные отели Royal Hotel Sanremo (г. Сан-Ремо) и Grand Hotel Cavour (г. Флоренция), экзотику – Sun Resorts (Маврикий, Мальдивы), а Украину – Citadel Inn Hotel & Resort (г. Львов) и Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv (г. Киев).
Вечером гостей ждали розыгрыши сертификатов на проживание в luxury-отелях мира и приятные сюрпризы во время их отдыха – все это в сочетании с программой, выступлениями, презентациями и неформальным общением с участниками во время коктейля.

Организаторы HoneymoonFest/Workshop 2014 - еvent-компания Media Travel World и Honeymoon2day - специализированный проект туроператора UTI Travel & Education – работающего на туристическом рынке Украины уже более 20 

Программа мероприятия состояла из воркшопа – индивидуальных встреч с представителями лучших отелей для романтического отдыха и серии семинаров об особенностях организации свадеб по самым популярным направлениям от туроператора HONEYMOON2DAY, а таккже презентаций лучших отелей и розыгрышей ваучеров на проживание. 

Отдельных слов стоит организация события – принимал гостей один из лучших отелей Украины Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv 5*. Оформление зала Ballroom было просто потрясающим. По всей локации цветочное бюро «Lalalu» установило композиции из хризантем и гладиолусов. Угощали гостей гастромастерская Confiture, кофейный партнер Jura, аква-партнер Perrier, алкогольный партнер ProWine. 

Также мы благодарим отель Cityhotel за размещение иностранных гостей.
И конечно выражаем огромную благодарность партнеру мероприятия – новому грузинскому ресторану X.O.Exclusive.

До новых встреч!


CHANGES in the date of helding of HONEYMOON FEST/WORKSHOP 2014 (from 24th of March to 8th of September 2014)

Dear participants, partners and guests of Honeymoon Fest/Workshop 2014!

Due to the force-majeur, namely due to the current internal and foreign political situation in Ukraine, it was decided to postpone the holding of the Honeymoon Fest/Workshop 2014 from March 24, 2014 to September 8, 2014.

Venue (Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv 5*), conception and package of participant stay the same.
We are glad to continue registration of participants and extend early booking conditions of participation till 1st of June.

See you on the 8th of September in Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv 5*! 
Honeymoon Fest /Workshop 2013: best wedding hotels of the World



The II International Honeymoon Fest/Workshop 2013 was held on March 25, 2013 at the Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv 5*. It was organized by the event-company Media Travel World and General partner - tour operator UTI Travel & Education.


Daytime part of the event was a workshop. Among the participans were Blue Palace Hotel, Grand Resort Lagonissi, Adrian Hoteles, Aqua Vista Hotels, Grace Hotels, Eagles Palace Hotel & Spa, Skiathos Princess Hotel, Marbella Beach Corfu, Aldemar Hotels & Spa, Fairmont Grant Hotel Kyiv, Raffles Praslin , Vozdvyzhensky Boutique Hotel, Villa Elena Hotel, Limassol municipality, tour operator 7 South, Botanical Garden and Museum Villa Carlotta, telecom operator TravelSim. They represented such countries  as Greece, Spain, Seychelles, Italy, Cyprus and Ukraine.


Despite the weather conditions the event was very successful, more than 150 tourist and event agents have visited the workshop. They all have learned the subtleties of wedding ceremonies and discussed favorable conditions of cooperation. Voucher for accomodation in Grace Mykonos hotel was played out among the guests of the workshop. 


 As part of the evening show program hotels presented on stage their ability to conduct and organize honeymoons to capital's beau monde and played out certificates  for accomodation.


Anastasiia Prikhodko, Eurovision participant, opened the evening show. The leads of the event were - a popular showman Timur Miroshnichenko and charming singer Lilu.


One of the surprises was  a presentation of exclusive jewelry from jewelry gallery "Sofiyska Brama". Luxurious necklaces, earrings, bracelets, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, looked great on the models from Queen Models agency.


As always a designer Julia Aisina impressed with a collection of luxurious evening dresses. Brilliant performances of Ukrainian pop stars Pavel Tabakov, Natalka Karpa, Vlad Sytnik, Natasha Turbina gave unbelievably romantic energy to every guest. 


Singers Natalia Valevska, Vlada Yakovleva, Mary, Irina Borisyuk, Blondy band not only pleased the audience with their songs, but were on the podium in luxurious wedding dresses from Maxima fashion house. 


Representatives of the official coordinator of the festival, the agency "Svadebnyi perepolokh" handed a bouquet of flowers to each performer from the florist company Fiori. Magically images for girls were created by Kalkatoff, White Swan and Natalie Naida studios.


During the breaks guests took pictures and got instant photos from the "Slivki" photo studio, tasted a sparkling wine Bazaleti from "Disna" distributor and  the coffee from Jura, indulging themthelves with an unusual dessert  from "Shokoladnyi prazdnik".


The festival organizers thank the participants, sponsors and guests and invite everyone to take part in the III International Honeymoon Fest next year!

The presentation of Capo Bay Hotel was held on the 24th of January in "Nikala" restaurant

   Capo Bay Hotel (Cyprus) presentation was held on the 24th of January in the “Nikala” restaurant. The event was organized by Media Travel World company and was supported by media partner Travel News magazine.

   25 best Kyiv travel agents that are engaged in Cyprus and corporative tourism were invited to business dinner. Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus in Ukraine Evagoras Vryonides also visited the event with his wife.

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